Sunday, May 16, 2010

With the sun peeking out today, I saw a lot of cyclists out and about on the roads of Liverpool. Some members of the Well Rounded Women have been cycling since April due to the warm weather and early departure of our snow. I have heard that new bikes have been purchased by some members. So break out your spandex!
We could start our Saturday morning group rides once again. Perhaps meet at the Jr. High School and head out for a longer ride. I'll get the WRW's e-mail list active again and see what response I get back.
Something to think about.... How about a 1000 Km challenge this season? That's right we could challenge ourselves to ride (individually) 1000 km. If we break it down to smaller numbers on a weekly basis... it works out to be about 100 km a week. (for 10 weeks) So take into account that some of your rides could be 30 or 40 km long it does seem quite doable. I'll be curious to see if there are any who would ike to pursue this challenge with me.
That.s it for now. Victoria Hill seemed easier today. Even with the wind.
See you on the roads.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well Rounded Women's Newsletter March 2009

Another year of friendship has been able to grow and flourish. And we have been busy!  Many of us are experiencing our children becoming independent somewhat or at least pointed in a direction.  Some of us are just getting started in this baby-making business.  And  for others you are right in the middle of teen angst.  Caring for our parents, or at least being amused by their peculiarities (perhaps hoping it's not a glimpse into our own futures) has become an increasing trend experienced by some.  Nurturing our relationships with our spouses or partners keeps us hopping or hoping (a thong or Spanx....what the heck, a girl needs to have both).  Putting time into our jobs, communities, and home have been other ways we have splurged away our 'idle' hours.  Not to mention all the phoning, texting, e-mailing,blogging, gaming,twittering, reading and writing!!!  My, my we seem to be able to cover it all.  But we are Well Rounded Women after all
However having had a few weeks to ponder life just lately I realized how little I have devoted to the well being of me since my early twenties.  And that is saying something, because I know on the surface that some would think that I devote many hours to my own self welfare.  Perhaps this is so, but we all have our own thresholds to live up to.  My injury and the ensuing recuperation, has made me ponder the concept of being well.  Being well inside and outside is so important if we are to enjoy and participate in all that life has to offer.  So this blog/newsletter will be devoted to our health.
Spring came to Liverpool last week, and I hear that snowdrops are blooming in Hibernia as well.  Spring the season of new beginnings, fresh starts.  So consider the following as a throwing down of the gauntlet or girdle!  Yes I am challenging all of you to participate in the Well Rounded Women's 2nd Leslie's Driveway to White Point Beach Resort TRY-athalon!
The event is scheduled for  the end of August on a beautiful sunny day!

You have 5 months to prepare for this not so grueling event.  The route and activities are as follows:
You bicycle from Leslie's driveway to the boathouse at White Point Beach Resort, bathrooms and change room are available.  You joggle* down the beach touch the driftwood marker and back again to the boat house.  At the boat house you plunge into the inviting lake and swim out and around the designated paddleboat, returning to the dock and finish line!
Enjoy a lunch,and presentation of awards on the deck of White Point Beach Resort.

Transportation will be available back to Leslie's driveway.
* a joggle is any form of running, walking, wiggling or skipping.

Okay you say she is asking me to commit to something 5 months away.  Why not.  But really I am asking you to commit to giving yourself one hour a day in which to sweat!  That's it.  That will get you to the finish line at the TRY-athalon and so much more.

You can break the hour apart, but really out of 24 hours;one hour is not much at all.  Studies have proven that by giving yourself one hour in which to sweat and play hard, your other 23 hours become far more enriched and the quality of your relationships increases.

So if I have piqued your interest e-mail me at   I will put you on the unofficial entry list as well as you will  receive sporadic issues of the Well Rounded Women's Newsletter.  Closer to the event I will send you a not so very complicated entry form.  Just a note:  All your expenses will be paid by yourself or your sugar daddy.  All images of you taken while at the TRY-athalon become the property of the Well Rounded Women.  (Always to be used in good taste)

This TRy-athalon is for all ages.  Mothers and daughters, friends and rivals.  Becoming a fit female while having fun is the goal.  The TRy-athalon is the challenge, but I am hoping that it will be incentive for you to get out and sweat for an hour a day, starting today, just for the sake of feelin' good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is the life

hanging out to dry